By admin       2018-07-03

(Togo First) - For the new campaign started at the end of May 2018, cotton producers in the Savannah region eye an optimal output of 67,000 tons. This is almost half of overall production targeted for the season, knowingly 140,000 tons. However, the farmers set lower target, for the region, at 53,000 tons in case conditions are not optimal. To achieve their goal, 67,000 hectares would be sown, up from 62,984 ha the past season. This is one third of total areas to be sown across the country this season. With these ambitions, the Savannah region would remain Togo’s leading cotton producer. At the national level, output would be spurred by a low initial purchase price for cotton seed set at FCFA250 per kg in 2018/19 paired with low prices for various inputs. Let’s recall that Togo wishes to achieve a cotton output of 200,000 tons by 2022. The sector greatly helped fight poverty in rural areas last season, with more than CFA17.5 billion of net revenues for farmers

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