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Uzbekistan supplied abroad textile products worth a total of $652 million in the first half of 2018, which is 16.7 percent more compared with the same period of 2017, "News of Uzbekistan" reported referring to the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan.Some 8.4 percent of total volume of exports fell to the share of textile exports.Analysis of the information provided by the State Statistics Committee shows that the main export product of the Uzbek light industry is still a semi-finished product in the form of cotton yarn. Some 58.4 percent ($381 million) of total textile exports fell to the share of this product. Statistics showed that, yarn exports increased by almost a quarter in the first half of the current year compared to the same period last year.Some 22.2 percent ($144.5 million) fell to the share of knitwear and garments. The three leading positions include cotton fabrics and knitted fabrics, which were exported in the amount of $29.7 million and $33.2 million respectively (4.5 percent and 5.1 percent of the total volume of export supplies of textiles) in the first half of the year.The finished textiles in the amount of $ 18 million were sold to foreign consumers during this period, representing a relative share of 2.8 percent in the total volume of exports.Official statistics have recorded a significant increase (by 66 percent compared to the same period last year) of silk exports. The volume of silk exports amounted to $16 million (2.4 percent share in total exports) in January-June.

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