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As far as management practices go, many Arkansas cotton producers have already taken control measures, but they’re getting hit again. “There are a lot of concerned growers that made an application seven to 10 days ago of a diamide, like Prevathon or Besiege, to get the bollworms under control, but now there’s a new flight,” Lorenz said. Although there is a growing concern for the damage these pests can cause, Lorenz warns against going overboard with treatment applications. “We’re advising growers to give it two weeks before making a second application of a diamide,” he said. “Usually residual control will last at least two weeks, maybe more. Those products are extremely expensive and I can’t see making a second application this soon. That could be a budget buster.” There are more control options that will allow cotton producers to avoid making a second diamide application too soon. “In the meantime, use a pyrethroid plus acephate and try to knock down those high numbers in those areas,” Lorenz said. “These applications can knock down those moth populations.” Arkansas cotton producers are at risk with these current bollworm numbers, and Lorenz is warning everyone to scout their fields. “Be diligent because this is a very critical time for cotton and soybeans,” Lorenz said. “Scout and scout hard. In the immediate future we will continue to see the development of bollworm populations.”

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