By admin       2018-07-25

“We’re seeing really strong growth globally — and Bangladesh, China, India, and Vietnam account for 83 percent of that growth. I just got back from Bangladesh, and they are continuing to add machinery in their mills."“They’re the second largest garment exporter in the world behind China. They continue to need more cotton, polyester, and other fibers because they’re vertically integrated — they spin the yarn, they assemble the garments, and ship them off to Europe and the U.S. They don’t grow much cotton there, only about 100,000 bales, so every time they add more machinery in their mills they need more fiber to keep that machinery running. They’ll continue to be larger consumers of cotton and larger importers of cotton.“India is also growing, but Vietnam is growing at the fastest rate. What’s amazing about Vietnam is that their growth rate has been increasing for several years now. A lot of that is a result of Chinese and Korean firms that are increasing their cotton consumption, but they’re doing it at their mills in Vietnam.

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