By admin       2018-07-30

China will cut import tariffs on goods from South Korea, India and certain Asia-Pacific countries, starting from July 1, China's central cabinet announced on Jun 26. Imported products such as chemicals, agricultural products, medical supplies, clothing, steel and aluminium products from India, South Korea, Bangladesh, Laos, and Sri Lanka will also enjoy certain tariff reductions, the state-run China Daily website reported. All imported products from the above five countries will adapt a tariff rate of the Second Amendment of The Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, the State Council said. Import tariff of polyolefins low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, co polymer PP, and ra coPP will but reduced by 5 percent from 6.5% to 6%. And the rate for specialty grade metallocene LLDPE, and non commodity grade polyolefin elastomer & polyolefin plastomer is cut from 6.5% to 4.2%.

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