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Mr. Anibe Achimugu, NACOTAN leader, said no farmer is growing the Bt Cotton for now but assured that it will be available for many farmers in the next farming season.“Most farmers have already planted their fields. We cannot jump the gun and give farmers without proper process,’’ he said.According to him, “We are working with one or two private companies to go ahead and try it out. Some farmers will get it eventually after due process in the same way they normally get the conventional seeds.”Prof. Alex Akpa, the Acting Director-General of National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), assured that a private company, Mahyco Nigeria, in collaboration with IAR, would make the seeds available to the farmers“The company will work with over 1,000 farmers to locally produce this high-yield cotton for the whole country,” he said. “It has the capacity to do that and they have assured us they can do that. And with our support, and the support of all the researchers and scientists involved in this project, we have no doubt in our minds that in the next few weeks, or months at most, it will be widely available to all our farmers. But initially the company is starting with 1,000 registered farmers across the six geo-political zones of the nation, who will mass produce this cotton and make sure farmers have adequate access to the product,” he said.

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