By admin       2018-08-09

There has been wide appeal for the nation’s moribund cotton industry, which in the 1970’s was said to be the country’s second highest employer of labour. Statistics have shown that then, the industry had over 120 modern factories. But today only 33 factories are said to be standing with many employment opportunities lost. Low yields and high production costs are today hindering the optimal performance of the cotton industry. Sucking pests like aphids, jassids and thrips weaken plants by sucking the sap from the tender new growth. Bollworms, which belong to the insect order Lepidoptera, attack cotton plants at different stages. Experts believe the pests can reduce yields by up to 60 percent.Prof. Akpa insisted that in addition to the pest-resistant traits, Bt Cotton offer early maturity, fiber length and fiber strength (tenacity) and micronaire (strength).The growing call for the country to diversify its economy may make many stakeholders to accept any effort aimed at boosting the cotton industry, which is capable of creating more employment opportunities.

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