By admin       2018-08-17

Higher cotton prices looking unlikely into years end Selling call options could be solid play for cash yield I am a strong proponent of NEVER trying to trade off of mainstream news stories. That being said, this does not mean there can't be less obvious, fundamentally based plays as a result of such stories. In this month's update, we present a new opportunity for selling options in the Cotton market. The latest trade dispute between the US and Turkey has roiled currency markets for the past week. As a result of President Trump doubling steel and aluminum tariffs on Turkey, the lira is crashing vs. the dollar. Pundits are wringing their hands about possible "contagion." Good luck trying to trade that. That has more moving parts than a Swiss watch. One thing for sure, however, is that the US/Turkey relationship is strained, and not just on the economic front. A recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal suggests that Turkey should be expelled from NATO.

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