By admin       2018-08-23

For an effective, reliable cotton stalk destruction program, choosing the right herbicide is key. Duplosan™, a Nufarm-exclusive herbicide, recently received a 24(c) registration for post-harvest cotton deconstruction in Texas and offers the excellent control growers need. Nufarm has partnered with PhytoGen® to recommend Duplosan as the preferred herbicide for chemical stalk destruction of PhytoGen Enlist™ cotton varieties. Because Enlist cotton varieties are tolerant to 2,4-D, glyphosate and glufosinate, Duplosan, featuring the innovative active ingredient dichlorprop-p, makes an excellent choice for control. In addition, Duplosan is featured in the 2018 Enlist Cotton Destruct Program, offering growers a $2-per-acre reimbursement on each 32-ounce application of Duplosan on PhytoGen Enlist cotton varieties.

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