By admin       2018-08-24

Stinkbug control sprays continue especially along the counties along the I- 40 corridor. We need to once again caution about using pyrethroids even with a combination of aphicide to control stinkbugs. This is not because they will not do the job but it is due to the likely aphid infestation that can later occur. Pyrethroids are just too harsh on beneficial arthropods to be viable. It is not the aphids in the field at the time of application one has to worry about – it is the subsequent aphids that move into the field to recolonize it. Adult aphids are always on the move. Aphid reports were on the increase but due to the recent rainfall the population in most areas have decreased. The population in some fields however have rebounded more rapidly and control measure had to be used. Spider mite infestation have also been deceased with the rain. The general feeling is that beneficial arthropods are slow to develop this year especially the Lacewing population. Hopefully this will turn around and aphid population will further decrease.

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