By admin       2018-08-24

GEORGIA (WTOC) - A summer full of rain and sunshine has South Georgia's cotton poised for a potentially good harvest as it heads into the home stretch. The pink and white blooms signal that the plants' bolls will finish developing and be open for harvest. Farmers like David Crumley started planting behind schedule. First, the ground was too dry, then too wet. But the past few weeks of sunshine in between light rains have healthy plants rebounding to form bolls and enough leaves on the plant to help them grow. “For late August, it's incredible that we still have so much moisture. Usually, in August, you're getting into the dog days and it's so hot and miserable and the plants show it,” Crumley said. He says three to four more weeks of ideal weather could set up a better than average crop, especially after losing parts of their crops to hurricanes Matthew and Irma the past two years. When it comes to weather, Crumley and others just want more of the same.

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