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27 Aug '18 - Reducing production lead time through digital garment development was a hot topic at the Sourcing at Magic show, which provided opportunities for brands and retailers to see advances in digital design and development. It hosted a microfactory on the exhibit floor that demonstrated the capabilities of producing a knit garment, from design to production. Digital apparel microfactories can create apparel on-demand and in a short period of time. The technology on display at Magic included machinery from EFI, Optitex, EFI Reggianni, Klieverik, Zund and Eton System, said Coresight Research, which is a think tank and knowledge bank for the Fung Group and a global roster of clients. The Coresight team attended sessions led by industry experts and met brand owners at the event held recently in Las Vegas and discovered the newest trends and products. One of the key takeaways of the team from the event was that microfactories are not just for on-demand production, they are being used in the sample room. “Microfactories are expanding beyond the on-demand format that most people associate them with, and brands and designers are using them as part of sample rooms or even for small production runs. The microfactory allows for full-service pattern layout, printing, cutting and sewing, all in one small designated area,” said Coresight Research on the Fung Global Retail Tech website.

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