By admin       2018-08-27

Demand for U.S. cotton for export increased significantly over the most recent sales period. Total export sales and shipment against the 2018/19 MY for the week ending August 16 were approximately 192K (~20K to China) and 165K running bales, respectively. Sales were ahead of the weekly pace required to match the USDA’s export projection while shipments were well off the pace requirement. The U.S. is 58% committed and 3% shipped versus the USDA’s latest prognostication. Sales against the 2019/20 MY stand at nearly 1.4M 480 lb bales. Data indicate that sales figures to be put forth next week should at least resemble those put forth this week. However, the Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) celebration in predominantly Islamic nations seems likely to have hindered sales for the week ending August 23.

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