By admin       2018-08-27

Jonathan Croft, county agent covering Orangeburg County, has been seeing early-set bolls opening. “Soybeans I checked had been treated about 10 days ago for worms and at this point were still clean.” Hannah Mikell, county agent in Clarendon County, reported that she is “seeing more grasshoppers in soybeans (but they) haven’t reached threshold yet. Some foliage feeding but nothing to warrant a spray.” David DeWitt, county agent covering Lee, Sumter and Kershaw Counties, reported from Lee County that “some scouts/farmers (indicated) an increase in bollworms in BG2 cotton (and are) considering a worm material spray.” Charles Davis, county agent in Calhoun County, reported that some late season stink bug sprays are going out combined with a last shot of growth regulator to keep the cotton in check. A lot of discussions about whether to spray some fields for the mildew are being had. Cotton is opening in the sandy spots and potassium deficiency is really obvious now. This crop is about made but I am worried about the late May and early June planted cotton.”

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