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Sudden wilt in cotton crop coupled with whitefly attack is posing a threat to the crop in certain pockets of the region. However, agriculture scientists said that there was no need to worry as of now. Farmers of Bahbalpur village complaint that cotton crop had started wilting suddenly as full-grown plants had turned pale. The farmers said that the crop had suffered a significant damage due to the phenomenon which they called “ukhera” (when the farmers have to uproot the plants). Radhe Shyam, a farmer who sowed cotton in 10 acres, said that his crop in nearly five acres was completely damaged. “We call it ‘ukhera’ disease as we have no option but to uproot the plants. The crop is at the advanced stage. It is not possible to revive the crop now,” he said, and added that he invested nearly Rs 10,000-12,000 per acre so far. Satpal Singh, another farmer, said the cotton crop in his two acres had suddenly wilted. “It is a big setback at this stage,” he said. Both the farmers have also not covered their crops under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana. Agriculture Development Officer, Barwala, Dr Rajiv Bhatia said, “The farmers have irrigated the crop as the plants are loaded with flowers and cotton balls. The recent showers and winds have created a situation when the supply of nutrients to the plant has been hampered which causes malnutrition in the plants. Though the whitefly is below threshold level, it is capable of causing damage to the plants. We are closely observing the crop and there is no need to panic.” Dr Dilip Monga, Director, Central Institute for Cotton Research, said that they had also got inputs about the parawilt from isolated pockets in Sirsa district too. “We gave recommendation to the Agriculture Department for advisory to the affected farmers. Our team will also visit the affected areas in next couple of days,” he said.

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