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HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) -- Harvesting season is quickly approaching for cotton and peanuts crops in the Wiregrass. The cotton crops love sunny, dry weather when they're planted. But instead, we received heavy rains early on. The rains then continued during the summer. Some of them especially in the beginning of the season were more detrimental than beneficial to the cotton plants. "Just super-saturating those soils really made that crop that we did plant made it very wet and tougher to grow," said Agronomist Kris Balkcom. "They were supersaturated and stunted the plant growth in the beginning of the year." Since then, the crops have been getting some heavy rains but they've been at better pacing, especially since we dodged Gordon. Tropical Storm Gordon dumped more than 10 inches of rain in southwest Alabama and northwest Florida, and that could have destroyed our crops. So far, the Wiregrass has been spared "Anytime you really dodge a storm, you feel like you've dodged a bullet because you never really know how bad it's going to be until you go through one and it's past you," continued Balkcom. Within the tri-state area, nearly a million acres of cotton is grown, and that has major economic impact on both the farmers and the Wiregrass region. Today, cotton sells for around 80 cents a pound. Farmers like to see it closer to 90 per pound. However, this is still up slightly from last year

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