By admin       2018-09-20

The best conditions for the next couple of weeks will be during the next few days. Excellent results would be expected using high Dropp rates and relatively low herbicide or Def/Folex rates. Beginning Saturday evening, rain becomes more likely. Off and on sun and rain are expected all of next week and humid conditions until the end of next week. This pattern is based in part of tropic conditions that can contantly change as we have just experienced. Some farmers have wondered if defoliating in front of this 5 day period of off and on sunshine and rain that will begin Sunday will create a cracked boll condition at the wrong time that could increase hardlock. The other side of that coin is that getting the leaves off will help cotton dry out quicker during those periods of dring time which will help reduce hardlock. I think it generally will not matter and that we will be in a similar position either way which is why I would go ahead and defoliate cotton that is ready to be defoliated during this favorable period.

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