By admin       2018-09-20

We are now in the middle of 4 wonderful consecutive days of sunshine that will offer the best period for defoliation that we are going to see in September. These warm to hot days with plenty of sunshine is one of the key components for fast boll opening and successful leaf removal. This period is expected to end sometime Saturday afternoon or the evening hours going into Sunday morning as the forecast changes back to more clouds and periods of rain and sun for about 5 days. It will probably be a lot like the 5 day period we got when the remnants of Gordon came through the week before Florence. I guess the crop looks pretty amazing considered how much muggy weather we have had. The greenest and largest cotton is showing the most hardlock, but most of the evaluations have been done while we have been in moist conditions. Now that we have better drying conditions, it looks a bit better. I believe we have probably suffered some yield loss and while it is still good, it is more variable. Some fields will pick three bales while others are going to be disappointing. The dry conditions in July and mixed plantbug pressure also add to the inconsistency. If you are spraying during this current period, be sure to use the Dropp as one of the key components.

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