By admin       2018-09-24

The tariffs imposed by the U.S. are simply there to keep as level of a playing field as possible. Such is not possible, but at least there is an attempt to allow and promote fair trade. It’s akin to the Waterhole Number 3 lyric, “Do unto others before they can do it to unto you.” Some are expecting a quick end to the tariff battle. The dispute, though, could last as long as a year, or even longer. The past three Presidents never enforced the trade treaty, so why now? After all, the U.S. has given up its entire cotton supply chain, given up all but the production of cotton, given up all the textile manufacturing, given up most all of its cut and sew business. Given, Given, Given. In the meantime, world cotton trade flows have not really changed and all parties are grasping for an understanding of the events. Hopefully, the cotton market will soon reflect the tight world cotton supplies and the fundamental fact that cotton stocks are declining around the world. The market for U.S. cotton has not diminished. U.S. cotton will find a home – and not in a warehouse but in the textile manufacturing chain. I have predicted the last two market bottoms that proved to be false, so why not another one. The market decline should end in the very high 70s.

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