By admin       2018-09-25

Virginia is at 2400 DD-60’s at the beginning of this last week of September. By October 1st, we will pass 2500 total cotton heat units which will be close to a tie for the 2010 record which was a drought. Even in 2010, October was cool. We’ve never had this much heat in a good rainfall year. It looks like October will be the new September, getting an early frost means we might see some ice on the hot tub covers by Halloween, and Virginia might be the new Georgia. In all seriousness, we probably need to be making decisions based on this type of normal rather than focusing on what made sense back in the day. If the weather had cooperated with us, we could have defoliated 40% of the cotton, and we would have started picking last week. Because of weather delays and having to put a higher priority on getting corn out and picking peanuts, we have only defoliated about 5 to 10% and it will be next week before we start picking. Hopefully, beginning the end of this week, we will be able to make a big dent in this crop to get a solid amount of cotton defoliated. October is looking warm and relatively humid which will put pressure on regrowth and using strategies that focus on harvest timing along with cotton maturity.

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