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Introduction of GM technology enabled cotton to record the highest CAGR among all major crops for a decade. Cotton has been successfully used as a multiple purpose crop in three ways: Edible oil for human consumption; de-oiled cake as an animal feed; and kapas for fibre. Cotton seed industry forms about 20 per cent of the total seed industry in India. The cotton seed industry has played a pivotal role by continuously investing in research, developing new hybrids, developing and introducing Bt cotton technology. This industry has played a huge role in making required quantity and quality of cotton available to the textile industry. The cost of cotton seed is less than 5 per cent of the revenue of the cotton farmer and has remained very affordable for him compared to other countries. The Indian textile industry is predominantly cotton based with almost 75 per cent of the spun yarn in the country being produced from cotton. Availability of good quality cotton throughout the year at an internationally competitive price is essential to achieve a sustained growth rate in the textile industry. The textile industry is a huge beneficiary of the Bt technology-led spurt in cotton production. Since 2000 the size of the textile industry grew six times to ₹10 lakh crore, exports more than tripled to ₹2.5 lakh crore and spun yarn production almost doubled during this period. India has become largest exporter of cotton yarn in the world taking advantage of the production boost in home grown cotton. Thus, cotton has been the engine of growth for the Indian textile industry. According to SIMA, Indian cotton textile value chain has the potential to achieve 12 per cent CAGR as against 6 per cent CAGR achieved so far. For this growth, the textile industry projects their cotton requirement of 570 lakh bales on the conservative side and 940 lakh bales on the aggressive side by 2028. While there is potential still to improve the productivity of cotton and support aggressive growth of our textile industry, it requires infusion of next level of technologies and agronomic practices

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