By admin       2018-10-01

Spot cotton trading was inactive. Supplies and producer offerings were light. Demand was very light. Average local spot prices were lower. Producer interest in forward contracting was light. Trading of CCC-loan equities was inactive. Foreign inquiries were light to moderate. Early in the reporting period, heavy rainfall brought up to over 4 inches of precipitation in some areas. Additional rainfall brought more than 2 inches of rainfall within 6 hours on September 26, when a cold front moved west to east across the region. Daytime temperature highs were in the low 50s to mid-90s, and overnight temperature lows were in the upper 40s to low 60s. Boll openers and defoliants were applied as drier conditions prevailed. Some fields were defoliated with leaves dropped from the plants, but most fields were green with bolls opening. Stripper and picker harvesting had begun in a couple of locales in the Northern and Southern High Plains. Ginning had begun on a limited basis, and is expected to expand next week. Insects were less of a concern, due to the maturity of the stands. Field days and meetings were held around the region as the area moves quickly toward the harvesting season.

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