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Lint contamination, an ever-increasing problem, is threatening our reputation in the world market place as suppliers of high quality cotton fiber. Lint contaminants can vary from grease, oils, rags, cloths, but plastic has become the most prevalent. As part of the NCC Quality Task Force Committee, we were recently presented with some very alarming numbers. Out of all the bales classed with extraneous matter in 2017, plastic contamination accounted for 91% of those. Furthermore, by color, yellow made up 73% of all plastic contaminants, indicating the increasing use of roll pickers as a major contributing factor. The problem seems to be getting worse rather than better. We are averaging 4.2 times as many plastic contaminated samples in 2018 as we did last year at this same time. Efforts at prevention must be employed at both the producer and gin level if this problem is to be corrected. NCC along with Universities and harvest machine manufacturers have compiled educational materials to assist you in this. These can be found on the NCC website . I encourage you to review these and stress to farm employees the need to watch and be careful when handling cotton in the field. When moving rolls from the field be careful not to snag wrap on mowed stalks or other objects. Stage rolls so module trucks can load them with little if any damage to wrap. Busted rolls or those not wrapped properly should be handled separately from others in the field and at the gin. Just being conscious of this need throughout the handling process will go a long way in minimizing plastic contamination. Beginning this year there is added incentive to do so. In the past, all contamination was classed as Other, a 61 or 62 depending on the severity. Samples this year found to be contaminated with plastic will be classed 71 or 72. This could bring about some serious market repercussions, so make every effort to eliminate contamination of any kind. We’ve seen how important demand is to prices, so we must do all we can to produce a superior product.

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