By admin       2018-10-15

MCCLURE, IL (KFVS) - If you’ve driven through Alexander County recently, you may have spotted something different growing in the fields. Bill Davis is growing the only cotton in Illinois. This year is his first year trying it out. Davis Land Company in McClure grows beans, corn, and rice and farmers decided to experiment with cotton. It’s rarely grown in Illinois because of weather conditions. So far it’s going well for Davis. He said the 400 acres of cotton need extra attention and spraying, but the crop could become something to lean on for financial support down the road. “I don’t know whether we’ll raise cotton next year or not after we get through harvesting the cotton. But naturally the bottom line is, is it going to make us any money compared to the other crops," said Davis. Planting started at the end of April and the harvest will last about five more days. Davis said he will be proud seeing the final amount of cotton produced.

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