By admin       2018-10-22

The government has fixed an MSP of Rs 5,150 per quintal for medium staple (less than 27 mm fibre), and Rs 5,450/quintal for long staple (27.5-33 mm fibre) cotton. Punjab grows mostly the long staple variety (fibre 27.5-28.5 mm), the MSP for which has been fixed at Rs 5,330/quintal narma, as per figures with CCI. On Saturday, the rate at Abohar mandi, the largest in the region, were far lower than the MSP — Rs 5,150/quintal narma. At Fazilka mandi, the rate was Rs 5,050/quintal. Rates at mandis are fixed daily in auctions conducted by arhatiyas. Rates are low because moisture levels in the crop are high — up to 15-18%. This is well above the specified limit of 8-12%, after which the price starts to fall.

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