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December 19, 2018 - MULTAN: Seed cotton (Phutti) equivalent to 9.962 million (9,962,657) bales reached ginneries across the country till December 15, 2018, registering a shortfall by 6.77 percent compared to corresponding period last year. Out of the total arrivals, over 9.4 million or 9,488,411 bales have undergone the ginning process, says a fortnightly report of Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) issued here Tuesday. Arrivals in Punjab were recorded as 5.9 million or 5,918,023 bales and over 4 million or 4,044,634 bales in Sindh. Total sold out bales were recorded as over 8.1 million or 8,154,749 including over 8 million or 8,055,160 bales bought by textile mills and another 99,589 bales purchased by exporters. Around 1.8 million or 1,807,908 bales were still lying with the ginneries as unsold stock. The report does not include cotton figures from districts of Kasur and Sargodha. Exactly 513 ginning factories were operational in the country out of total 1300, including 365 in Punjab and 148 in Sindh. However,826 ginning factories were operational during corresponding period of last year including 597 in Punjab and 229 in Sindh. Motorway police recover 40 fertilizer bags: Motorway Police Tuesday recovered 40 stolen bags of fertilizer from a vehicle near central bus stop. According to sources, thieves stole fertilizer worth Rs 81,200 from basti Malook. Motorway police chased the loaded vehicle and recovered the fertilizer.

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