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Jan 14, 2019 - Adilabad: Heavy rains in August last year has severely affected cotton crops, resulting in a low yield. This year the farmers have cultivated cotton in about 1,27,965 hectares across the district. This year the Central government had announced minimum support price (MSP) at Rs 5,450 per quintal to cotton. Under the guidance of Cotton Corporation of India (CCI), purchasing centres were established in Adilabad, Echoda, Boath, Indervelly, Sonala, Bela and Neradigonda in the district. Cotton procurement started in the district on October 18 and farmers got a good price for their yield during the entire month. In the end of October month, private traders purchased cotton at Rs 5,800 per quintal. Normally Rs 5,450 per quintal will be paid to the farmers if the moisture content in the cotton is 8 per cent. Private traders also pay the same price. But if the moisture content is more than 8 per cent, then the rate will be lowered by Rs 54 per quintal. Anticipating price increases, almost all the farmers stopped selling the cotton and stored them from the end of October month. But to their dismay, the cotton prices started declining steadily from November. Afraid that the prices may fall further, farmers brought their produce to the markets. As many as 9,000 quintals of cotton was sold in 15 days in various market yards in Adilabad district. As CCI procurement centres were frequently closed, cotton growers were forced to sell their yield to private traders. In the beginning of the season, private traders purchased cotton at a price more than minimum support price for 20 days. This year private traders have purchased 8,42,399 quintals cotton from the farmers - 6,52,516 quintals from Adilabad market yard; 1,19,126 quintals from Boath; 34,503 quintals from Echoda; 10,842 quintals from Indervelly; and 25,409 quintals from Jainath. Meanwhile, the CCI had purchased 34,433 quintals of cotton only from the farmers across the district. The CCI had purchased 15,427 quintals from Adilabad market yard; 5,936 quintals from Boath; 2,681 quintals from Echoda; and 6,472 quintals from Jainath during the season. Thought the Cotton Corporation of India set up purchasing centres in various market yards through out the district, the authorities concerned are not giving a boost to the farmers by purchasing their yield. The cotton growers requesting the higher authorities and the State government to take steps to sell their produce through CCI purchase centres.

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