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In 2012, big spinning and weaving units with US licence as well as textile manufacturers including those producing yarn and fabric were limited to six or seven. The number increased to 36 by 2018. Pakistan now ranks 5th in the list of top importers of cotton from the US.According to statistics, Pakistan’s annual demand for cotton is 14 million bales while production ranges between 10 and 10.5 million bales. Pakistan is importing about 1.5 million bales from the US.The Pakistani firms importing cotton made in the US mostly comprise spinning and weaving mills. However, the denim and garment manufacturers and knitting units are also importing American cotton. Three of the most popular retail brands in Pakistan, Gul Ahmed, Al-Karam and Nishat Chunian are also importing cotton from the US.The US textile industry itself makes extensive use of the high-quality cotton grown at home. According to Pakistani textile industry, though the US cotton comes at a high price, the percentage of material waste is considerably low while the cost incurred on maintenance of machinery is also low, giving adequate benefits through premium prices of final products.

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