By admin       2019-01-21

Gujarat likely to lose its position as the largest Cotton producer this year as output of the natural fibre during 2018-19 is projected to fall nearly 48 per cent to 5.2 million bales (per bale of 170 kg) due to drought in most producing areas. Saurashtra, Kucth and north Gujarat are the main Cotton producing regions of the country. This year, the Cotton output in Gujarat is seen at 5.2 million bales, down from 10.11 million bales last year. Though Cotton was planted over an area of 2.71 million hectares, up from 2.62 million hectares a year ago, lack of irrigation facility has hit crop yield badly. As per the state estimates, Cotton yield dropped to 326 kg per hectare this year from 660 kg per hectare in the previous year.

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