By admin       2019-01-23

FAISALABAD: The regulatory duty on polyester and cotton yarn must be withdrawn in the upcoming mini-budget to strengthen the domestic manufacturing units, urged Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) President Syed Zia Alumdar Hussain.Recalling the visit of Finance Minister Asad Umar to Faisalabad on October 4, 2018, Hussain pointed out that the minister had assured him of numerous corrective measures, which would be undertaken gradually, in order to step up dwindling exports of the country.Appreciating the measures introduced by the government, the FCCI president welcomed the restoration of advance payment facility and provision of gas at 6.5 cents per million British thermal units (mmbtu) and electricity at 7.5 cents per unit.He expressed optimism that as per the government’s pledge, the issue of outstanding tax refund claims, amounting to Rs250 billion, would be resolved by February 15.

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