By admin       2019-02-08

February 07, 2019 - MCX has empanelled new warehouses for delivery of cotton at Arvi, Hinganghat and Wardha in Vidarbha region. As on February 6, out of total deposits of 1,06,300 bales certified stock across delivery centres in India, about 23,300 bales were deposited at the newly added delivery centres. Since last July, MCX has been engaging with over 90 Farmer Producer Organisations and farmer groups representing over 50,000 farmers to connect them to the organised exchange’s market network. N Nawin Sona, Secretary, Maharashtra government and MD, Maharashtra State Cotton Federation, said, the expansion of MCX’s warehousing operation is part of the government’s plan to increase farmers’ realisation by enhancing market linkages. Mrugank Paranjape, MD, MCX said the exchange has been supporting farmer groups in Vidarbha region in terms of infrastructure, education, knowledge, market linkages, and credit and finance arrangements, among others.

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