By admin       2019-03-28

The GEAC has not given permission for the technology to be used commercially. However, the area under HT cotton is reported to be 20-25 per cent in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh alone, with unscrupulous players supplying HT seeds to farmers. Meanwhile, the Appellate Authority and Special Commissioner of Agriculture, after studying various representations, has issued an order specifying particular seeds that stand suspended. The authority upheld the cancellation of the centralised seed license of Narmada Sagar Agri Seeds. It specified certain varieties of seeds of some companies that stand suspended for one year. The varieties (with the name of the company in the bracket) include: NCS 459 Bollgard-II (Nuziveedu Seeds); KCH 707 BGII (Kaveri Seed); and Ankur-3028 BGII (Ankur Seeds). While listing out the varieties under suspension, the Additional Director of Agriculture (Seeds) and Licensing Authority of Andhra Pradesh has directed the officials to inform dealers and farmers about the development. He cautioned that strict action would be taken against those who violated the orders.

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