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China will import more US agricultural and energy products from the United States to balance bilateral trade, according to vice premier and politburo standing committee member Han Zheng, who recently addressed a China Development Forum meeting in Beijing. Both sides will discuss next month to finalise the texts of trade deal to end the trade war.Trump has demanded China should reduce the $375-billion trade deficit and protect intellectual property rights (IPR), technology transfer and offer more access to US goods to Chinese markets. Talks between vice premier Liu He, China’s key trade negotiator, US trade representative Robert Lighthizer and treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin will be held in April in Washington, according to the White House. Han told a gathering of foreign business representatives and former government officials from the United States and other countries that his government is committed to levelling the playing field, according to a news agency report. He said China would improve market access, including shortening the negative list of industries in which foreign investment is limited or prohibited, and ban the practice of forcing foreign firms to transfer proprietary technology to joint venture partners. China would also accelerate opening up of more sectors, including telecommunications, education and health care, he said. The trade gap for goods bought and sold by the US and China in 2018 reportedly rose by 11.6 per cent from the previous year to a record $419 billion. (DS)

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