By admin       2019-03-29

Hyderabad - March 27, 2019 - The Andhra Pradesh Government has modified its January order on cancellation and suspension of licences of several seed firms that faced allegations of contamination of herbicide tolerant (HT) technology in cottonseeds. After conducting an investigation into the incidence of illegal use of the technology, the Director (Seeds) of Agriculture of Andhra Pradesh, has cancelled the licence of Narmada Sagar and suspended licences of 13 seed companies for one year. The Department was acting on complaints that traces of HT technology, which has not received permission from the Central regulator Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), had been found in the fields of some farmers. However, the seed firms, through the National Seed Association of India, had sent an appeal to the Department asking them to repeal the cancellation and suspension orders. They asked for a proper testing and checking mechanism to keep tabs on the unscrupulous players. They also protested against the blanket order on all the products. HT cottonseed technology is a third-generation GM (genetically modified) technology for cotton. The technology gives the plant internal strength to protect itself from herbicide sprays that are targeted at weeds.

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