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08 Apr '19 - The Cotton Council International (CCI) partnered with China’s chief professional uniform designer, Liu Wei, who specialises in using new technical fabrics, to launch the 2019/20 Cotton USA uniform collection during Beijing Fashion Week held in March 2019. CCI is the NCC’s export promotion arm and carries out programmes in more than 50 countries. Innovative technology, fashion, practicality, health, and comfort are the market needs and key fundamentals defining the current Chinese uniform industry. “China is an important engine for the development and upgrading of the textile economy in the world today. Cotton USA is encouraging the integration of innovation into U.S. cotton, not only for everyday wear but also to meet the diversified functional needs of service industries. This segment is a huge area of growth in China. Through the cross-over activity with Liu Wei, CCI is delivering the message that Cotton USA has entered the Chinese professional uniform market, and also hopes through joint efforts with Liu Wei to promote the healthy development of the Chinese uniform industry while showcasing high quality and sustainable U.S. cotton fibre,” CCI director of China and Northeast Asia Karin Malmstrom said in a press release. Under the theme ‘With You’, Liu Wei combined US cotton and green technology fabrics to interpret China’s professional uniform trends. The fashion show at China Fashion Week included 100 sets of professional uniforms featuring functional performance covering six professions: airlines, logistics, retail, formal business wear, civil servant, and technicist. Some 800 participants watched the show. Professional uniforms represent the unique corporate culture image of each company, and also take into account features of quality, safety, and fashion. Therefore, the selection of raw materials, the comprehensive consideration of the production supply chain and technology materials, as well as the introduction of new designs are extremely important. This is why I insist to use high quality and reliable US cotton as the basic raw material, and integrate green technology materials such as Solucell air, graphene, and liquid metal, to ensure the practical function and aesthetics of professional uniform design different categories. We’re excited to showcase our collections here, and soon everyone will be able to see these professional uniforms in use,” Wei said. After the fashion show, more than 200 representatives from 50 companies actively exchanged information and ideas on the challenges and opportunities in the Chinese uniform industry. Participants included Beijing Yunyi Times Clothing; Haitian Materials; Shandong Daiyin Group Renault Apparel; Qingdao Zhifa Group; Shandong Ruyi Group; and Lianfa Share; and others. Following the launch of the uniform collections, a week-long display and business meeting space was set up at Liuwei Studio to provide a cooperation platform and business discussion space for the uniform supply chain. (GK)

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