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Hyderabad: Worried over the spread of pink boll worm (PBW) in Bt cotton crop in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, the Telangana government has swung into action to control the damage that is likely to arise as cotton is set to be cultivated in 18.20 lakh hectares in the state this year.The agriculture department is looking into an action plan prepared by Professor Jayashankar Telangana Agriculture University to minimise the damage in the event of PBW striking the crop here. In 2018-19, cotton was grown in 18 lakh hectares.Senior officials point out that PBW is not only a huge concern in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana but also in the entire south. As per the action plan, collectors will constitute a monitoring team in each district under the chairmanship of joint collectors. These teams will constitute officials from the agriculture department and organise awareness campaigns for farmers on precautionary measures to be taken to ward off pink boll worm (PBW).A committee deputed by the agriculture university has received reports of farmers losing cotton bolls to pest attacks in October and November last year. Bt cotton mainly depends on bollgard II, which protects the boll and enables a sustainable platform for proactive insect resistance. SIMA CD&RA gets nod for commercial release of its cotton varieties : The commercial release of 14 cotton varieties and one hybrid developed by SIMA Cotton Development and Research Association (CD&RA) is set to hit the fields in the ensuing sowing season. (The sowing season commences from June in the northern part of the country and later from August-September in the South.) These varieties/ hybrid have been approved for distribution across the State by the Director of Seed Certification and Organic Certification, up to March 2022, M Asha Rani, Head cum Chief Cotton Breeder, SIMA CD&RA told Business Line.Of the 14 varieties, four are of medium staple length such as SIMA HITECH -1, SIMA Compact -32, SIMA Shakthi and SIMA- 113 and five - long staple varieties such as SIMA -24, SIMA -102, SIMA-M-55, SIMA-J-23 and SIMA-374.The extra long staple varieties include SIMA-Sivashakthi, SIMA-LI-3, SIMA-5, SIMA-GB-1-5 and SIMA Mahashakthi. The hybrid -SIMA HB-3, which has also been slated for commercial release is an ELS (Extra Long Staple) cotton.“The medium staple variety SIMA Shakthi is a Bt cotton, suitable for rainfed, high density planting and machine picking. In fact, we are the second in the country to have got the approval for release of a Bt cotton variety,” claims Asha Rani.“The crop duration of this Bt variety is 155 days; It has given an average yield of 2698 kg/ hectare of cotton seed during trials,.”“SIMA-GB-1-5, an ELS variety, better known as SIMA Platinum SUVIN would hit the farmers' field only in 2020-21 and SIMA-5, a year later in 2021-22.”Of the 14 varieties developed by the association, SIMA-102, a long staple variety is said to have registered the highest yield of 3732 kg/hec, with SIMA-374 close behind at 3622 kg/ hec of kappas during trials.The SIMA CD&RA Head hinted that the TN Government has sought to procure 225 tonnes of ELS cotton through the Cotton Corporation of India during the 2019-20 cotton season and necessary arrangements for adequate supply of seeds were being made.

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