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Cotton Vyapar has always been an integral part in its member's life, as it takes the responsibility of serving its clients to the fullest.

Being a member of our company, a person can avail the following benefits:

  • 1. Presence on our website :
    Cotton Vyapar gives the opportunity of staying afresh in the minds of Domestic as well as International associates by showing your presence 24*7 .
  • 2.Presence among Your Business Partners:
    Cotton Vyapar knocks on the doors of all Ginners, Spinners, Traders and Brokers on behalf of its clients, by acting as an agent, thus increasing the chances of generating business.
  • 3.Presence among the Foreign Buyers:
    Not only domestically, but Cotton Vyapar serves its clients internationally too. Cotton Vyapar on behalf its clients approach the foreign buyers through emails and assist in exporting cotton to other countries. We are covering China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • 4. Access to our Directory:
    Cotton Vyapar provides the treasury of all Cotton Contacts thus providing the data of around 20000 cotton people.
  • 5. Quick Business Generation:
    Cotton Vyapar provides a platform of posting the inquiries online on its website via Buy/Sell Option. Here you can post the quantity, quality, payment terms, packaging, your price and get a quick response on your inquiry.
  • 6.Creation and maintenance of Facebook and Linked-in Page so as to increase your network:
    Cotton Vyapar assists its clients in promoting by Social Networking sites. We will create a facebook and linkedin account and connect it to all business prospects so as to generate business.
  • 7. Promotional Messages:
    To make the campaign more effective, Cotton Vyapar promotes your product by directly sending the details of your product on mobile numbers to the target customer, eventually resulting in increased sales of the company.

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